Zhik sailing suits exchanged for Musto HPX on board AkzoNobel

Zhik sailing suits

While the Volvo Ocean Race is heading for one of the most exciting finishes in Gothenburg, the teams are trying to arrive in Sweden as dry as possible. At Team AkzoNobel, this is done by exchanging the sailing suits of their Zikh sponsor clothing for the Musto HPX suits.

The teams now sail half wind with wind speeds between 25 and 27 knots, the boat speeds are above 20 knots. Luckily every boat has a Musto HPX on board as a survival suit.

It is the first time that a team overrides its clothing sponsor before the camera. Auch!

Musto HPX

Musto HPX on board team AkzoNobel

Zhik Isotak X membrane not so good

According to the Zhik website, the Zhik Isotak X membrane would hold twice as much water than that of Musto HPX. After seeing the above images, we don't believe it anymore.

Illustration: waterproofness compared to other sailclothing brands according to Zhik.

Waterproof illustration according to Zhik


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