VIDEO: Cable-free sails - the new black?

Cable-free sails

Cable-free sails are evolving ! The next generation of a cable-free code zero is now available at Elvstrøm Sails. A Code Zero in a trioptimal design, produced from a laminate with a high density fiber luff.

Check out this video of our new cable-free Code Zero. The Cable-free Code Zero is easy to handle and store. With the improved positive luff, you gain wider sailing angles, compared to a traditional Code Zero - and more power.

Elvstrøm Sails designer, Lars Thiellesen explains;

“This is absolutely a great sail, that is not penalized within the ORC and IRC measurement rules. For ORC and IRC, the half width shall be 75 % or more of the foot length. Our cable-free code zero is designed with a 75 % spinnaker half width (SHW) and within the Danish DH a 65 % SHW.  It is possible to sail up to 65 degrees True Wind Angle (TWA), and the sail goes significantly deeper than a conventional code zero with cable, due to the positive luff. 

This is truly a sail that makes a difference on the race course, especially in the lower wind forces. Due to the EPEX luff it is easy to roll and easy to use, even when sailing single-handed. I have personally just used it in the Singlehanded Silverrudder.”


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