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Why sell with ClubRacer

We offer a unique service where we not only act as your representative, but can also represent potential buyers. This model, also known as "dual agent" or "dual broker" brings several important benefits:

  • Efficiency: central point for all communication between you and the buyer.
  • Cost savings: only 2.5% commission for the seller
  • Centralized knowledge: we understand the wants and needs of both you and the buyer.

ClubRacer will take the time to get to know your performance sailing yacht and present her at her abolute best, giving potential purchasers confidence in what they are buying.

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Why buy with ClubRacer

With our unique "dual agent" or "dual broker" in the sale of sailing yachts, we can also offer buyers the best purchase service. Advantages:

  • Direct communication: The buyer can communicate directly with the seller's representative, allowing questions to be answered quickly and efficiently.
  • Complete information: The buyer can benefit from the broker's full knowledge of the seller's intentions and requirements.
  • Efficient process: Because there is only one yacht broker, the buying process can be smoother and faster.


Market Knowledge: ClubRacer is specialized platform that has in-depth knowledge of the performance yacht market, which means we can help you get the right price for your yacht or find the best deal when buying a new one.

Our Network: The ClubRacer platform has widest network of buyers and sellers in the Benelux and Mediterranean, which can increase your chances of finding the right buyer or the perfect yacht to buy.

Expertise: ClubRacer is a specialized platform with highly experienced staff who can advise you on various aspects of buying or selling a yacht, such as maintenance, insurance and possible legal issues. We are also all very active on the sailing circuit and regularly sail in national and international sailing championships.

Comfort: Buying or selling a sailing yacht can be a complex process. Using a specialized platform can make this process easier and less time-consuming.