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Yacht Deliveries like it's with our own boat

Our Professional Yacht Delivery services have built an excellent reputation and are recognised by many boat dealers, yacht brokers, shipyards and private owners for our excellent service, maximum safety and care for your sailing yacht during the yacht delivery.

We always organize our yacht delivery trips with a minimum of 2 qualified skippers. Depending on the size of the yacht, complexity and distance, we may provide more crew members.

    • Skipper / captain 1: Eddy Lekens, more than 30 years of sailing experience, co-owner Swan 44 S&S, in possession of General Steering Licence, VHF Licence, Marine engineer, experience with: cruisers, catamarans, cruiser-racers & racers up to 100 feet.

    • Skipper / captain 2: Kathleen Rutten, more than 30 years of sailing experience, co-owner Swan 44 S&S, Yachtman certified, experience with cruisers, cruiser-racers & racers up to 60 feet.

    • Skipper / captain 3: Glenn De Brouwer, more than 30 years of sailing experience, owner jeanneau Sun Fast 35, Yachtman certified, VHF Licence, Marine engineer, experience with cruisers, cruiser-racers & racers up to 80 feet.

Pre-Yacht Delivery

Our Yacht Delivery starts with a good preparation

Before we start a yacht delivery, we check all systems on board during the last 24 hours before the start of the voyage and prepare the yacht for sailing. We also do this for shorter trips because safety and care are of very importance to us.

We make an inventory and go over our detailed checklist. We check the rigging, sails, anchor, navigation equipment, navigation charts, hydraulics, valves, steering, autopilot, keel, safety equipment, fueltanks, water, …etc.

If required, all vulnerable parts of the woodwork under deck are provided with a protective foil to prevent unintentional damage.

When a new sailboat is being delivered, we also check that the spraiders cannot damage the mainsail during longer trips.

The Pre Yacht Delivery is a time-consuming process but necessary to leave nothing to chance.


During the Yacht Delivery

Once we have started the yacht delivery of your sailboat or sailing yacht we try to cover a constant number of nautical miles per day so that we can deliver your ship within the set time.

We do a Yacht Delivery of a sailing yacht as much as possible under sail. Only when the wind disappears the engine will be used to ensure that the delivery is not delayed

During a Yacht Delivery we sail 24 hours a day. We only stop for fuel, provisions and to avoid bad weather.

Safety is our first concern and we therefore reserve the right to decide for ourselves whether or not to sail. The judgement of the skipper will never be questioned. If the skipper on watch decides that the conditions become too heavy, he or she will seek shelter in the nearest safe harbour or anchorage.

At the end of the yacht delivery we make a detailed list so that the owner has a good view on the condition of the ship and the systems on board.

We keep our client continuously informed of our progress by e-mail or text messages. For longer trips and crossings we use our satellite phone for these updates.

yacht delivery 2
Log Eriboll (North-Scotland) with sailing yacht RepoMan (Swan 44)

Yacht Delivery of new sailing yachts

Many boat dealers, yacht brokers and shipyards trust us and use our yacht delivery services. That is why we have extensive knowledge and expertise to pick up new sailing yachts for our customers.

When a new sailing yacht is delivered, we know better than anyone that in most cases adjustments are necessary after the first sailing test because something is not working optimally. That is why we advise to provide at least two days extra during the delivery to test the new yacht in waves and with sufficient wind. The first two days are crucial so then the shipyard can make the adjustments locally. After that it becomes much more difficult and you fall back to the dealer.

A good example is a sailing yacht with a new engine that needs to be checked after the first hundred hours of operation. In such cases, we arrange that the engine will be serviced during the delivery. We can also organize the contact between our customer and a good service company. As the owner, you draw up the details and make the payment, then we sail your ship to the agreed location and, if necessary, we help with the service.

Our expertise also enables us to organise the necessary safety equipment or to give advice on it. We can also, under the auspices of the owner, make the transfer and check the boat for equipment according the order specifications.

Over the years we have made deliveries of new sailboats and sailing yachts such as: Najad, Hallberg-Rassy, Nautor Swan, Baltic, Sweden Yachts, Beneteau, Jeanneau, X-Yachts, Dufour, Salona, Hanse, Farr, J-Boats, Lagoon, Contest, Grand Soleil, Italia Yachts en McConaghy.

Yacht deliveries for racing yachts

We are also frequent racing yachtsmen and that makes us experts in yacht deliveries of performance and racing yachts. The delivery of a racing yacht requires an extensive knowledge of boat handling in the harbours and locks, sailing technique and manoeuvres at sea.

A delivery of a racing yacht is always done with the cruising sails (mainsail with 3 reefs, genoa 3, 4 and storm jib).

Yacht delivery responsibility & insurance

All our professional yacht delivery activities are carried out by Eddy Lekens and Kathleen Rutten. They have an additional skipper insurance (Skipper Liability) from Pantaenius on top of your boat insurance for vessels longer than 17 meters and are insured up to 10 Mln. €.

More info: https://www.pantaenius.com/de-en/insurance/skipper-liability/


If you have any questions about our yacht delivery services please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Who we are

eddy lekens kathleen rutten

We each have more than 30 years of offshore sailing experience. With our own sailboat “RepoMan” a Swan 44 from 1973 we still sail all the seas of Europe. From the North Sea, the Channel, Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean and back.

We have restored our Swan 44 completely by ourselves in 2013.

We will handle your sailing yacht as if it were our own boat. Your sailboat is therefore transferred by us with the greatest care.

Our home base

We live in Belgium and Spain depending on the season.

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